The best cities in the u s for dating

02-Feb-2018 21:37

Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia also get high marks. But with clues like these and a little luck, hopefully you’ll find a dating location that’s right for you.If your dating life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be, good news: It might not be you.To help you figure out which cities to avoid when looking to supercharge your romantic life, we’ve pulled together the data of which places have the most dismal singles scenes.We didn’t take into account every city or tiny collective of people in the country—we just looked at the 200 biggest metropolises, by population, and figured out from those (using info from the U. Census, Bureau of Labor, and other sources) which were the dating deserts. And when you start thinking about where to go, check out the 50 Cities with the Best Singles Scenes in America.Since finding a lasting relationship is hard enough without any geographic obstacles, we’ll take all the clues we can get, right?

Lame bars and restaurants (or bars and restaurants), few available single people, and/or crummy entertainment options can make it tough to hit it off with potential dates in your town.“By age 24, half of the women in Utah and Idaho are already married,” says Cohen. “Beneath the national stats, you have considerable differences amongst the states,” she says.