Dating massachusetts dating first date examples

08-Jun-2017 11:58

The cities where the bars are packed, people are out and about, and looking to meet new people.Then there are places that it seems it can be really hard to meet someone new.That’s because there aren’t very many options for congregating here, and more than half of the population is already married.

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You’d probably have a much better chance on Match or even e Harmony than you would in area locales.

We’re saying there are much easier places to find Mr. Read on to see why we picked those cities, so you know where to avoid when you’re looking to meet someone new.

By the way, Boston is on the better side, but came in 30th easiest of 50.

54% married: 5th highest 42% with kids: 2nd Places to meet: 21st lowest Only 5% of people in Wellesley are single and without children.

That’s the 2nd lowest rate in the entire state of Massachusetts.

Unlike New York or Paris, we’re not known for our glittering parties, scenic strollable avenues, or adorable patisseries.