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20-Aug-2017 04:06

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Take the National Road Championships – the women’s race had a 70% turnout from the top tier Irish women, compared with a 22% turn out for the top tier men.In 2002 the Women’s Commission was formed with the goal of increasing the number of women racing, with its role expanding in recent years to becoming a support body for female cyclists across all cycling disciplines.For example, if you wished to search within this Motorcycle Club links page for Yorkshire, simply hold down the control button and then F.A little search bar will appear to the top left of your screen, with the title of Find: Put in this space Yorkshire and all listing with Yorkshire in the title on the page are then highlighted, with the first one shown on your screen. I've got the road craft book (excellent read), but what in practical terms should I do to develop actual bike skill.Is there a ureka moment when you think finally you've cracked this motorcycling malarkey.

Mostly commuting miles on the m50, but feel as if I'm not developing good bike skills etc.

The beauty of bike racing is that it doesn’t matter what age or ability you are – there are racing opportunities.