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Yet, theologians who should have sufficient knowledge of what the Bible says[4] instead prefer to trust their own intuitions and prophecies.This recent statement from Apostle Peter (also known as C.Peter Wagner) provides an example of such vanity, in which he appears to make his own decrees supersede Scripture.Spoken on the great reverential authority of the claimed office of an early New Testament apostle, he literally commands the earth’s obedience.They would rather listen to people who tickle their itching ears.

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Dealing first with the “wealth transfer” notion, indeed, we do find that there is a great wealth transfer prophesied in Scripture.

Clearly implying that there would be little faith upon earth when He returns, So is there a great, last-day wealth transfer to the Church?

Scripture easily and clearly settles this question.

Actually these people will take new found wealth to build more and larger circus tents for their “third wave” freak shows?

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There is no such concept of a wealth transfer to the Church in scripture it is totally contrary to what the scripture teaches.

These “third wave” self appointed, apostles, prophets and healers are proud presumptuous deranged people or they are greedy con artists and liars.